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Phonak Audeo M-312

Phonak Audeo M-312


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Phonak recently released the Phonak Marvel hearing aids, which boast their AutoSense 3.0 and Binaural VoiceStream technology. These new hearing aids offer improved speech understand in noise, enhanced streaming quality and an overall improvement in sound clarity. In addition, the Audeo Marvel product line features two reachargable models, the M-R and M-RT. The lithium-ion battery technology in Marvel has been engineered to last 6 years, an impressive feat for rechargable systems. All models are receiver in the canal (RIC) devices, so they fit discreetly and comfortably behind the ear. With an IP68 rating, Phonak Audeo hearing aids are designed to keep out the elements, protect the sensitive electronic components from dust and moisture, and enable wearers to continue their active lives. Audeo hearing aids are available in four performance levels and are fully customizable and molded to fit the wearer’s ears for maximum comfort. All Audeo hearing aids boast Phonak features that address mild to severe hearing loss.


M-R Rechargeable, M-312, B-Direct, B-312, B-10, B-13

Technology Level

90 Premium, 70 Advanced, 50 Essential, 30 Basic


Left Ear, Right Ear, Both Ears (Pair)


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