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Sonic Enchant 20 Trade-In

Sonic Enchant 20 Trade-In


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The Sonic Cheer 20 is the entry level unit in the Sonic Cheer line.

This hearing aid is for mild impairment but still packs a significant amount of tech and features.

Life not only changes year to year, month to month and day to day but also moment to moment.

It takes a special hearing aid to keep up with the plethora of sounds around you including background noise, music, voices and so much more. The Sonic Cheer 20 features universal listening technology which means you won’t only be able to hear clearly in ideal environments. You will now hear the sound of loved ones on a busy street, at a dinner party or in a busy shopping mall. Most importantly, the system makes sure speech is most important as it filters sounds and noises accordingly.

With the Sonic Cheer, you will now have full access to telephone conversations. Simply place the phone near the listening ear and an automatic system will pick up the conversation. You won’t have to cover your free ear as the system automatically recognizes you are on a call and will lower the sound in the free ear or completely mute it. This will give your full attention to the call without having missed a beat or valuable point.

Most importantly, the Sonic Cheer 20 picks up sounds in all its color and dynamic range under any conditions. You can now listen to conversations in quiet settings, noisy settings, and tune out noisy settings entirely or even static noise such as wind. Shop the Sonic Cheer 20 today.


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